Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dad tip #11: Giraffes have skinny necks, babies have small hands

The title of this post contains two ridiculously obvious statements. What's not as obvious is that giraffe necks and baby hands go together like Jay-Z & Beyonce, like bacon & eggs, like Batman & Robin, like iPhones & Priuses, like Mario & Luigi, like apple pie & vanilla ice cream, like the Nintendo Wii & smashed flat-screen plasma televisions, like Indiana Jones & fedoras, like ... well, you get the picture.

In any event, I've found that my son loves his giraffe toys. I think the first picture I ever took of him grabbing something with his tiny hands was one of him strangling an overly colorful giraffe whose bulbous body doubles as a rattle. More recently, we received as an extremely thoughful gift the legendary "Sophie" who he also loves and loves to hold gently by her graceful neck ... as he tries to jam her face and/or legs into his hungry drool filled mouth. It's adorable.

So, the advice here is, get your kid a giraffe toy. It'll be something that he can both enjoy as a toy and a mechanism by which he develops his motor coordination.

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