Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dad tip #56: Watch what OTHER people say in front of your kids

During the first week of this blog I posted an article about how what you say in front of your kids will come back to haunt you. The post was inspired by an anecdote about my wife when she was a child.

Last night one of our friends called and told us that her four year old son had picked up the phrase: "Bros before hoes" from somewhere unknown.

After about ten minutes of hysterical laughter it dawned on me: "Holy crap, we need to watch what OTHER people say in front of our kid!" After all, it's bound to have the potential of being far worse than anything that would come out of our mouths, right? At least, I hope it would be worse. Uh, not to say that really terrible thing are coming out of our mouths or that we hope other people should have bad tings coming out of their mouths either. Or something like that.

In any event, who know what other verbal-ticking-time-bombs are going to come out of our friend's son's mouth? "Bros before hoes" will be hard to beat.