Friday, July 18, 2008

Dad tip #90: People have boundary issues when it comes to babies

Tonight's advice is pretty much: "Be prepared for weird people coming up to you when you least expect it and getting all in your baby's grill. Also expect possible patting, rubbing, squeezing, and general grabbing of your baby's chubby extremities in an affectionate manner. Alternately, if the strange people are too far away, expect extended staring -- try to avoid eye contact so they cannot get close enough to start a conversation or make physical contact."

This post was inspired by my wife's recent eight-hour trip to the grocery store where other shoppers, their children, and employees accosted her every three feet to say how cute our son is. He is a ridiculously cute kid; but enough already, let my wife get groceries in peace!

Actually, while I'm thinking of it, this "baby crazy" behavior does seem to manifest itself most in baggers at groceries stores. A few weeks ago on the way out of the Hannaford, a nice older Chinese woman patted our son's legs and said something to the extent of "Pàng tǔi!" translating approximately into "Fat legs!"

At least that's what I think she said ... it was a different dialect of Chinese than I speak. Anyhow, be prepared, deal with it how you will, and remember that most people are doing it to be friendly (but keep your guard up, just in case).

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