Monday, July 28, 2008

Dad tip #100: Boys start grabbing at their crotches pretty early

Happy 100th post to me, happy 100th post to me, happy 100th post to me, happy 100th post tooooooooo meeeeeeeeee!

Tonight's advice is more of a warning than anything else: Boys will naturally start grabbing at their crotches pretty early in life. As a result, right around when our son turned seven months, it became ridiculously difficult to change his diaper.

Why? Well for starters, his being much more alert and thus more distractible made the diaper change that much more challenging -- as did the ability to roll over. BUT, it's really his continuous grasping toward his nether-regions that makes the diaper change a little crazy and unnerving. Back in dad tip #10, I suggested placing a baby wipe over a baby boy's penis to avoid being peed on. Now, just 90 posts later, that advice has been completely negated because as soon as you put a wipe on our boy's penis, he's yanked it off and is pulling it toward his mouth. (And in case there's a misplaced modifier or some such in that sentence, it's the wipe he's yanked off and NOT his penis.)


Furthermore, after taking the wipe away from him, he starts reaching directly for his penis. He's definitely found it and tried to grab it, but I'm not sure he's figured out that it's attached.

I should clarify that our boy isn't a weirdo constantly grabbing his crotch like Michael Jackson. He's just doing it during diaper changes.

For now.

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