Monday, May 12, 2008

Dad tip #23: Homemade cards from baby are cute

What's that? Your five month old can't make a homemade card? The frak he can't! Until your kid can smear a bunch of finger paint all over a gigantic sheet of white paper and until your kid can glue a bunch of random crap -- and why does the crap alway include macaroni? -- to a piece of construction paper, it's up to you to make the cards and sign your kid's name to it.

You've got to get into your kid's head before you make the card. You can do it up simple or complicated. For this Mother's Day, I inserted a pop-culture-related inside joke into the following Photoshopped masterpiece:

It's makes your kid look good. It makes mom happy. And, in this case, it's way fun to make references to The Karate Kid.

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