Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dad tip #31: The art of buying a "business trip gift" for your child

I have a tendency to sometimes over think things. The item I'm currently over-thinking is "what 'business trip' gift should I buy my son?"

Sure my kid is only five months old and won't particularly remember that I was even on a business trip at this point in his life, but I'll remember. And given that I'm currently on my third business trip since he was born, I'm starting to get agitated that I can't seem to conceive of some good "theme" to adhere to in my gift selection.

I've thought about all the cheesy usual souveniers: t-shirts/onesies, spoons, magnets, snow globes, thimbles, etc. None of that stuff seems particularly fun, interesting, or meaningful. And so, I'm still in search of a good gift.

It's too bad that The Vader Project isn't an ongoing city-by-city commercial art project! (Actually, it's probably a good thing that it isn't, because it might lose a great deal of its cool factor, but it COULD be awesome if done "tastefully"!)

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