Friday, June 13, 2008

Dad tip #55: Rioting is not a proper form of celebration

So, last night's Celtics game went from being a total disaster to being one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history with the Lakers blowing a 24-point lead. The series now stands 3-1 with the Boston Celtics needing only one more win to clinch the 2008 title.

This afternoon I stumbled across an article detailing security preparations in Boston, should the Celtics win their 17th NBA World Championship. With the New England Patriots' and Boston Red Sox's recent success, the local police have experienced their share of incidents where something that should be entirely positive turns horrifyingly negative. The anxiety factor is such that:
Bars will be instructed to close their blinds if they have televisions facing windows that look out onto the street so passersby are not incited by the game.
Wow! Sounds a bit marshall law-ish, but there have been a couple of post-championship deaths in recent years.

So, my advice is more of mental note for myself to make sure that when the time comes we teach our son that rioting is not a proper form of celebration. Or perhaps it's that we should simply just teach him how to both win AND lose gracefully.

On the other hand, while I've never seen my wife riot, she does like to give a good taunting when she wins anything. Tetris? Yep. Blokus? Yep. Phase 10? Yep. Boggle? Yep. PathWords? Yep. Thumb wrestling? Yep. etc. etc. etc.

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