Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dad tip #87: May the sports be with you

So, it's occurred to me that I should brush up on any number of sports-related things before my son gets old enough to ask me about them. For instance, while I could talk for days about how the pick and roll is a lost art in basketball, I couldn't begin to even make up details on the differences between nickel and dime defenses in football. So inadvertently, the main advice today is "thank heavens for wikipedia!"

But, I also thought it would be funny to document my plan if my son wants to become a professional athlete some day. Should that become his desire, I will encourage him to be a baseball player. More specifically, a left-handed knuckleball pitcher! He'd always be in demand and he could have a wicked long career a la Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox.

While we're on this tangent, let's think about former Red Sox player Doug Mirabelli who was Wakefield's longtime designated catcher. If we eventually have a second son and my older son seems destined to become a professional left-handed knuckleballer, you can bet that I'm going to encourage the younger son to learn how to catch him.

Yep, I'm already planning on helping all my kids achieve job security while maintaining close familial relations. Go me!

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