Monday, July 14, 2008

Dad tip #86: Consolidate the baby and cat poop

We're a two baby family. We have a seven month old human baby and and a seven year old feline one.

One thing I got myself in the habit of doing is consolidating the baby and cat poop. When I empty the Diaper Champ, I also scoop the cat litter and deposit the pee clumps and poo into the not-quite-full bag from the Champ. It works out great for everyone involved and it reduces the number of plastic bags we waste.

On Bastille Day, I'll leave you with another of our famous songs with modified lyrics. To the tune of Frère Jacques:
Rancid feces, rancid feces
Cat and human, cat and human
Put them in the same bag, put them in the same bag
It's all poop, it's all poop
Bon nuit!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dad tip #45: Don't forget your four-legged babies

I recently resolved to reduce our baby's exposure to television. I'm proud to say that I haven't flipped on the boob tube in front of him once since doing so.

I've decided that another resolution is in order. Assuming our cat is interested, I'm going to play with him every night. If you know me and my wife personally, you know that we're OBSESSED with our cat. But, we're both guilty of not giving him nearly as much attention as he was used to getting before our son was born.

Hopefully, this course of action will prevent "Pet DSS" from showing up on our doorstep to start some kind of inquisition. More importantly, I hope our cat will forgive us for any neglect we've unintentionally inflicted upon him.

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