Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dad tip #80: Double-bibbing isn't insane

Another quick post for tonight. I figured I'd let you all in on something that my wife and I do that could be construed as overly anal or even crazy. We double-bib our baby.

Yes, two bibs at every meal. One underneath the straps of the high chair and one over. Why? Because when we only use one bib -- over the straps -- it has a tendency to shift to one side, leaving his clothes open to sweet potato and pea stains.

(PEA stains, NOT pee stains.)

It means that less food gets rubbed into the high chair (and its straps). It's a lot easier to toss a couple of bibs in the laundry than it is to disassemble the high chair for a good thorough cleaning.

Excessive or no?