Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dad tip #19: Grab email addresses and domain names for your kids

Back during the dotcom boom, I registered a few domain names, but despite the fact that my name was available, I stupidly chose not to register it thinking, "What the heck would I do with that domain name?" Now, nearly a decade later, I'm kicking myself for not grabbing it when I had the chance because now some dude in Hong Kong has been squatting on the domain for a number of years and seems to have no intention of doing anything with it.

That said, when you can register a domain name for $9.99/year at Go Daddy, why wouldn't you grab your kid's name if it's available? It's just a "nice to have" and definitely not a "need to have" and you're almost certainly not going to be in a situation like the dude who's auctioning off in a couple of weeks (projected to sell for approximately $5.5 million).

And while you're at it, why not grab a couple of email addresses for your kid? You've got to figure that Google's Gmail and Yahoo are going to be around for a while and they don't cost ANYTHING. So, even more so than registering a domain name, there's absolutely no reason not to do this.

Oh, in case you're interested in getting in on that auction, there are a bunch of other domain names being auctioned off at the same time:

In case you're wondering, the most expensive domain ever sold was for $12.5 million.

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