Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dad tip #92: Kids Star Wars t-shirts available at The Gap

Okay, today's advice is more of a "heads-up" than it is advice, but maybe it'll still be helpful to someone. As unlikely as it sounds, kids Star Wars t-shirts are indeed available at The Gap!

Furthermore, in some kind of partnership with Junkfood, The Gap is now selling licensed merchandise bearing the trademarks of not only Star Wars, but also Indiana Jones, Speed Racer, The Beatles, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Peanuts, The Smurfs, and more. Junkfood apparently has some pretty amazing deals with a lot of different brands. Forming a partnership with a mainstream entity like The Gap is a pure stroke of genius to make those licenses go as far as they can possibly go.

The t-shirts are totally kick-ass, but they're EX-PEN-SIVE! We're talking $22.50 for a shirt that will probably only fit your kid for a couple of months at most. But it may well be his favorite shirt for those few precious months. And afterall, how much is YOUR nostalgia worth to you?

I suspect that Junkfood's license has a limited lifespan so you'd better act sooner than later if you're interested. But the greater sense of urgency to decide whether or not to spend that much money on an article of children's clothing will be The Gap's clockwork seasonal changes of their clothing lines. If you were looking for an adult-sized Junkfood Star Wars t-shirt for yourself, you should checkout the official Star Wars Shop (where some of the Junkfood tees are only $18.50, go figure).

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