Monday, May 19, 2008

Dad tip #30: It doesn't hurt to be picky about what video games you play in front of your baby

Okay, I'm REEEEEEALLY curious about Grand Theft Auto IV. It's being hailed as the best video game ever made. However, I can't imagine the sounds of killing cops and beating hookers for their money are particularly soothing to a baby.

I hold some weak hope that playing Tetris Evolution with my wife in front of our son will some how give him some sort of advantage as he develops his spacial reasoning ability. But then again, I did just post an entire entry about reducing chaos for your baby.

I suspect if I do end up buying GTA 4, I'll end up playing it after my son goes to sleep. Heck, I'll also probably end up playing it after my wife goes to sleep, too, because I'm pretty sure that the concept of the game offends her sensibilities ... and rightfully so, the game really is morally bankrupt.

(But I keep hearing how much fun it is from all my co-workers! GAH -- the curse of working with so many geeks!)

I suppose I'll make a decision later on whether or not GTA 4 is worth sacrificing some sleep.

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