Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dad tip #88: Beware the lamenting baby

Tonight's advice will be in the form of a haiku:
Why, James Posey, why?
Oh, why did you have to leave?
I'm just a baby!
Okay, it's late. I'm not feeling particularly creative. And I'm totally bummed that James Posey left the Boston Celtics for a longer contract with the New Orleans Hornets. I certainly don't blame him; after all, he's got to look out for his family. We just won't be able to replace a guy like that.

If for some reason the Celtics aren't able to win at least one more championship in the next three years, I'll point to this as the reason why. And by then, my son will be old enough to ask, "Why?" and I'll have to explain to the little boy the nature of professional sports as a business and that James Posey (and Danny Ainge for that matter) did what he had to do.

So the advice here is, umm ... something about balancing loyalty and logic or balancing the heart and the mind. Or something like that.

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