Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dad tip #101: Appreciate every member of your family

The summer already seems to be coming to something of a close as my sister and her family headed back to London yesterday and my parents will be heading back to Richmond in three days. It was really nice having everyone around regardless of what we were doing, because the more important thing was what we were just being: family.

Tonight, my parents came over to hang out. We had takeout Chinese for dinner, and then we watched the Boston Celtics 2007-2008 Championship Season DVD. What a totally chill and great way to unwind from work!

Plus, our son got to spend a little extra time with his grandparents who he TOTALLY recognizes and loves now; which really is awesome beyond words.

So, tonight's advice is just appreciate everyone in your family: your baby, your wife, your parents, your siblings, your in-laws ... everyone!

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