Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dad tip #40: The only pattern is that the pattern changes

We're almost six months into our baby boy's life and we've found that the only real pattern we're able to count on is that the pattern is constantly changing. When our son was a "newborn", we found that the patterns lasted only days whereas now they seem to last weeks.

When the patterns only last days, you don't get used to anything and you don't particularly miss anything when they change. That and the fact that the patterns of the first couple months usually involve some form of sleep deprivation. When the intervals are weeks and you've gotten into a good groove with something, you find yourself REALLY missing whatever it is that you'd gotten used to.

So, the advice here is enjoy it when you've got a good thing going on and don't be too distraught when you've got something less than desirable -- like a nearly six month old baby who's suddenly decided that naps are for wussies -- because, inevitably, it's going to change.

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